OK, so it was a pile of junk, so what? It was a legitimate 340-6 pack AAR 'Cuda. And considering I traded an AM-FM radio for what you see here, I can't complain. Hell, I even got it delivered 154 miles! I guess he really wanted that radio! J

The VIN was BS23J0B294108 and originally it was yellow with a black interior, automatic trans, and all the AAR goodies. By the time I got the car, everything of value was gone. I chopped it up, gave the remains a proper burial, and saved the door sticker as a souviner. If anyone sees an AAR with either this windshield VIN or fendertag, IT'S A FAKE.

BTW - I have seen a car with the VIN BS23J0B294110, and it's a gorgeous 30,000 mile original (in Maryland I think). I'm pretty sure that's the yellow AAR I keep seeing in all of the Mopar magazines. Mine used to be identical to that car, long ago……..