Here is my current daily driver, a '92 Dakota, 2.5 TBI, 5 speed, that I affectionately call "The Duck-ota".

I got it from my friend Richard Brown for some cash and some body work on his '70 Challenger convertible. As you can see from the pics of his car, I should have paid all cash.  ;-)

But even still, it's a great truck. Right now it has 170,000+ miles on it, so I'm considering what to do next. I'm starting to rebuild another engine, but of course I can't leave well enough alone. The new engine is going to be a 2.5 Turbo I. I think the truck will scoot along just fine. Here is the block before reassembly.

I was at the dump one day in 2001, unloading some stuff that I didn't need, and all of a sudden a fork lift driver decided to run into me. Needless to say, his boss was real unhappy to write me a check.....  :-)


dent1.jpg (73867 bytes)dent2.jpg (72565 bytes)dent3.jpg (73196 bytes)

Jump forward in time, and the truck has been "well used", but just won't die. So now it's time to do something nice to it -- paint it!!

RATS!!  It came out too dry and rough.  Here we go again.......

OK, NOW IT'S PAINTED.  Note the reflection of my Belvidere in the Dakota's 1/4 panel. ME LIKES IT!!!  :-)