What can I say? Next to a "wing-car" this is probably the greatest car I could ever hope to own. My 1969 Hemi Road Runner was originally equipped with:


05140 162 77 9A147586
  921 644 605
  26  7W      N96
Q5 Q5 H2X TX9    V21
RM23 E74 D21 A10 100554

I bought the car in late 1988, from a friend of mine, Tony Dickson. Tony told me that the Road Runner was purchased years before, by a friend of his who had a '70 Challenger 340 4-speed car. This person pulled the Hemi, 4-speed, and K-frame, and dropped the entire thing in the Challenger. Somehow, the Dana 60 got shortened and wound up under a Camaro (may the rear rest in piece). The original Air Grabber Hood was sold to someone with a '69 Satellite Convertible.

This is where Tony stepped in. The Road Runner was nothing more than a shell. Tony offered to take care of it and the person GAVE him the shell. It sat at Tony's mother's house for several years before I was able to pry it loose from him.

The car was a mess. The trunk was rusty, the 1/4 panels were worse, and time was getting the better part of the entire body. I bought the shell from Tony for a mere $300. It had no front or rear suspension, so I paid a friend of Tony's, Casey Mullins, $750 for the parts & labor to put some suspension under the car and get it ready to be shipped (I later learned he scavenged the parts from another '69 RR that was sitting up-side down in a sugar cane field.) A shipping charge of $1280 later, I picked up the RR from Long Beach Shipping Terminal with my own car and a rented tow-dolly. Another $50 as a "bonus" to the guy who parted it out for the fendertag, which had been bouncing around in his glove box for years and viola! I had a Hemi car!


I bought an engine from a guy who ran it in a race boat. It was just bits & pieces, but it was a '69 Hemi. (Who am I kidding? The entire car was just bits & pieces)


I bought the rear end from another guy who was about to shorten it and put it under yet another race car.

I dug through the car and found LOTS of rust, but all things considered, it was very fixable.

Then came the task of moving it cross-country. Yes, that's a bike on a bike rack on the Hemi car!

I bought the transmission from a guy at the Summer '89 Carlisle car show. He didn't know what he had.

I ended up selling this car in the spring of 1990 to a guy named Barry Wilfong in Virginia. My son had just been born and I was short on cash, so I sold it for cheap. Barry said he would take good care of the car, but a friend of mine said he saw the car at the Summer '90 Carlisle car show for approx $15K (3 TIMES what he paid for it). I don't know if it sold or not.