The first owner of this car was my former boss, Chris Burton. Here are some pictures of it from summer 1999:

He sold it to a friend of mine, 'Cuda Bob. Recently Bob needed some engine work done and after straightening everything out and buffing out the hood paint, he went on his way headed back home. Mother nature had other ideas.


Bob's insurance company totaled it and that's where I came into the picture.

First thing is to tighten the steering column and replace the airbag & clockspring. If you've ever had a GM style tilt column that was loose & wobbly, these 4 lower adapter bolts are the ones that need to be tightened.

Then it's time to dig into the bodywork.

Jump up to November 2011, and the engine oil leaks have gotten to the point that they HAVE to be taken care of. Look at these pictures and you'll see some clean spots because the oil was running out so fast it was washing the dirt right off.

And the clutch was literally on it's last leg (note the shiny spots on some of the rivets).

90 minutes and a gallon of cleaner later, and it's starting to look "acceptable".