Shit happens. Sometimes it happens in a funny way......  ;-)

Jared said his driveshaft was vibrating a little at speeds over 65 MPH. I bet it was!

When will I ever learn not to buy German cars. Damn shame this didn't happen while the smog-check guy was running the car on the dyno....

How come that new water pump is making a clicking sound? Hmmmm........

This is the induction coil from my spot welder. I guess when they said "10% duty cycle", they meant it. I turned it into a 230 volt flame thrower.

I bought a 1978 Dodge pickup with a terrible clanking noise. The previous owner thought it was a bad engine. Had the flex plate bolts been properly tightened, it wouldn't have needed anything.

Fan from Pick & Pull..  $7.  Hot tank for cleaning parts  $1500.  Not realizing the blades were aluminum... priceless.

I found this driveshaft when I was in high school. Rumor was it came out of a locally built 350 Vega.